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Norient searches for new music, sounds and noises from around the planet. We discuss current issues critically, close to musicians and their networks. Through the Norient Online Magazine, the Norient Musikfilm Festival, Performances, books, documentary films and radio programs we hope to orient and disorient readers, listeners and spectators. Find out about strong, fragile and challenging artistic positions in today’s fast moving, globalized, digitized and urbanized world.

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7 responses to “Sonic Traces: From the Arab World”

  1. […] es Omar Khorshid und psychedelischen arabischen Rock im Museum Rietberg: Bei unserer Performance «Sonic Traces: From the Arab World». Ein Tribut für Omar Khorshid by Sir Richard Bishop von den Sun City […]

  2. […] of his sentences really stuck with me. On my own network, http://www.norient.com, I perform the piece “Sonic Traces: From the Arab World,” an audiovisual journey through sounds, music and noises from the Arab World. Three Swiss […]

  3. […] Das schweizerisch-libanesische Duo Praed offeriert auf CD ihre Vision der Welt. Am 9.9.2010 mit norient in der Reitschule Bern. […]

  4. […] Traces: From Switzerland» ist nach Soundscapes From the Edges und Sonic Traces: From the Arab World die dritte norient-Performance über Musikströmungen und Kultur in der globalisierten und […]

  5. […] Arab Media Society Carribean Passages Sonic Traces: From the Arab World […]

  6. […] and traumatic war experiences.This Radio Edit Version documents our audio-visual performance «Sonic Traces: From the Arab World» 2008-2012. The German version of this radio edit won the critics award at the SonOhr-Festival […]

  7. […] wollen. Sie reden über Norient, das norient Musikfilm Festival, die audio-visuelle Performance «Sonic Traces: From the Arab World» und Sonic Traces: From […]

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