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Ted Swedenburg runs the blog Hawgblawg, is doing research about post-revolutionary music scenes in Cairo and teaches anthropology at the University of Arkansas. Check out his blog Hawgblawg.

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13 responses to “Electro Sha’abi: Autotune-Rebels in Cairo”

  1. […] mit ihrem Film mitten in die Electro-Sha’abi-Welt eintauchen. Siehe zu diesem Film auch den Hintergrundartikel von Ted R. Swedenburg auf […]

  2. […] Siehe auch Norient-Artikel von Ted R. Swedenburg Rebellion der Vorstandjungs […]

  3. […] hip-hop and shaabi.» Wir freuen uns, dass Sadat und Co. bald in Bern an der ersten Schweizer Electro Sha’abi-Nacht im Rahmen des. 5. Norient Musikfilmfestivals auftreten wird. Doch Kairo ist 2013 lange nicht […]

  4. […] most people in Europe the music is known as «Electro-Sha3by/Shaaby/Chaabi» (see Norient-article Electro sha’abi: Autotune rebels in Cairo). I find that the term Electro-Sha3by does not grasp what this music is. Sha3by means folk (music). […]

  5. […] 7», herausgegeben vom Goethe Institut Kairo und dem Steidl Verlag. Nicht verpassen: Den Film «Elektro Chaabi» und die erste Elektro-Sha'abi Live-Clubnacht am 5. Norient Musikfilm Festival in Bern, am Freitag […]

  6. […] auf Norient: Hintergrundartikel zu Elektro Sha’abi von Ted R. Swedenburg und Phil Battiekh Interview mit Cairo Liberation Front von Theresa Beyer […]

  7. […] To the series of posts Daniel Gilman has written about Tamer Hosny and Egyptian pop music (see Martyr Pop – Made in Egypt), I would like to contribute a short analysis of one of Hosny’s latest songs. For the reader unfamiliar with ‘Egyptian pop music’, it is important to note that it is difficult to say how popular this music still remains. With its sweet lyrics about love and happiness, ideal worlds and references to luxury and wealth, this music has to defend itself against the down-to-earth, urban, working-class voices of the sha’bi music scene – and recently also against the mahraganat dj’s and mc’s (see Electro Sha’abi: Autotune Rebels from Cairo). […]

  8. […] Islam Chipsy just released his first international vinyl with the Egyptian underground label Nashazphone: «Islam Chipsy ‘Live at the Cairo High Cinema Institute‘». And Mahmoud Refat, musician and owner of the Egyptian underground label 100Copies, is currently working on the 100Copies label is currently working on the first studio release of Islam Chipsy – I can’t wait! Plus: Nashazphone recently released an EP with Mahragan artist DJ Sardena – read about the new Mahragan/Electro-Sha’abi trend on Norient). […]

  9. […]   Grime Producer Mumdance also re-worked with Mahragan and Electro-Shaabi. Check out this style via Norient article by Ted Swedenburg here. […]

  10. […] – Ted Swedenburg: Electro Sha’abi: Autotune-Rebels in Cairo – Mixtape by British Bass producer Mumdance – Thomas Burkhalter: Alternative Musik in Kairo: […]

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