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Was born in Berlin and stuck there ever since. He is writing on music & film for magazines as Jazzthetik, Groove, Sound & Recording, kunstundfilm.de and norient.com while running the bi-weekly FreakOuternational Radio Show on multicult.fm. He is DJing, producing and playing music under fancy fake identities as Freak Ass E and Sun Ra Bullock and in the process has cooperated with musicians as Mike Ladd, Miss Red, Ari Up, Markey Funk, Guillermo E. Brown, and M3nsah of Fokn Bois. His long running dub band X.A.Cute (with Wuzi Khan & Guvibosch) is about to release the 7” single “Fasih/Sligo” with vocal contributions by Turkish rapper Ethnique Punch.

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  1. […] (that was MONTHS before the super bowl, mind you). it was now posted by the beautiful people at norient.com, where you can learn a lot more about kuduro (of course) but also any other currents of glöbal […]

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