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Xander Ferreira is a South African conceptual artist exploiting various mediums ranging from staged performance, installation, photography, video and sound to manifest social statement or inspiration. Hailing from a farm near the border of Mozambique, Xander Ferreira always knew that his future lay in the world of creative expression, something that he has tirelessly pushed to new limits. Growing up in the thick of political unrest and cultural divergence not only opened his mind, but also his sound, to the diversity and the originality that make his musical project Gazelle the enfant terrible of music. Collaborations stretch as far and wide as Peaches to The Bloody Beetroots. Combining the worlds of Visual Arts and Musical Performance. Currently Xander has teamed up with acclaimed singer Findlay Brown to create The Happy Show which is an international event focussing rare African music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and exploring current African music.


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