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Immanuel Brockhaus is a jazz pianist, keyboardist, composer, producer, teacher and author. He published several books about piano and band playing. His latest publication is a research project about digital editing techniques in popular music («Inside The Cut», Transcript 2010) and an article about the early sound of ECM productions. He is doctorand in sound studies at The University Bern and the University of the Arts Bern. His project «Cult Sounds» is supported by the SNF (Swiss National Fond). Immanuel Brockhaus lives in Bern and Berlin.

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2 responses to “Gardener of Sounds – And.Ypsilon”

  1. […] And.Ypsilon ist ein echter Klangforscher. Als Beatproducer für Die Fantastischen 4 prägte er den Sound von deutschen Hip Hop. Norient traf ihn in in seinem Studio für ein Gespräch über elektronische Musik und seine Wiederentdeckung von Modular-Synthesizern. Read English version of this interview here. […]

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