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Wayne Marshall is a technomusicologist who writes and teaches about music, technology, and culture from Cambridge, MA. Hip-hop scholar since being knee-high to a duck, he wrote his dissertation on reggae, edited the book on reggaeton, and publishes an acclaimed blog at wayneandwax.com.

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6 responses to “The Rise of Reggaeton”

  1. […] vermittelt wird. Stilistisch ist sie extrem breit: Kommerziell erfolgreiche Popmusikstile wie Reggaeton und Kwaito, Elektronika wie Kuduro, Nortec, Baile Funk und Techno-Cumbia, sowie regionale […]

  2. […] ist sie extrem breit, die Weltmusik 2.0: Kommerziell erfolgreiche Popmusikstile wie Reggaeton [7] und Kwaito [8][9], Elektronika wie Kuduro [10] , Nortec[11] , Baile Funk [12] [13] und Cumbia […]

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  4. […] Learn more here: Norient. “The Rise of Reggaeton.” https://norient.com/stories/reggaeton/ […]

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