27 responses to “Golden Beirut – New Sounds from Lebanon”

  1. […] From the Norient CD: «Golden Beirut» Mashrou’ Leila – Raksit Leila The Incompetents – Disposable Valentine […]

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  3. […] al-akhbar first. Singer Yasmine Hamdan (with Soap Kills) appears too on the norient compilation “Golden Beirut: New Sounds from Lebanon” (2011). […]

  4. […] Malikah ist zu hören auf der von norient produzierten CD «Golden Beirut: New Sounds from Lebanon» […]

  5. […] The first CD release by norient and Outhere Records focuses on a young generation of musicians from Beirut that is tired of war, fed up with politics, sick of religious madness, and angry about Euro-American exoticism.  […]

  6. […] – Transnational Platforms in Beirut» Thomas Burkhalter: Tarek Atoui: Digital Bricolage Norient: «Golden Beirut-New Sounds from Lebanon» Tanya Traboulsi: Festival of Experimental Music in […]

  7. […] Serge Yared from The Incompetents – a band that inspired critics to great discussions on our «Golden Beirut» compilation from […]

  8. […] first contact with your music was the song «Intikhabeit 2009» on the Golden Beirut compilation, and my first impression was that anger really is your […]

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