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Speaking Hip Hop Vernacular

1+1 [1] is a new worldwide recording project, presented by Norient [2] and Sound Development [3]. The project aims to produce and document great tracks from upcoming global artists. 1+1 brings together unexpected artist pairings and showcases them to new audiences. Season 1 debuted in 2015 with artists from Egypt, France, Iran/Japan, Japan/US, Switzerland and Togo. Watch the documentary from the first recording week in Honolulu, Hawaii between July 9th and 1th, 2015. For more material (tracks, videos, articles, photos) on 1+1 check the project website here [1].

Contributing Artists

Salome MC [4] is an Iranian multi-media artist who started her artistic journey as one of the first female hip-hop MC of Iran in 2002. Having graduated from art school in Tehran, she added experimental audio/visual art projects to her field of work after moving to Japan, and had various performances, exhibitions and screenings around the world. Musically she brings Persian/Turkish folk melodies into her rap verses, creating a fusion of urban sounds and fantasy tunes. She has self-released three albums which covers a combination of socio/political issues, philosophical ideas and personal affairs.

Born in Tokyo, raised in Tanzania and England, Shing02 [5] came up in the independent San Francisco Bay Area scene in the early ‘90s. He is one of the few known multilingual rappers to perforn in Japanese and English. Also a producer and activist, his music addresses issues of social justice, education, and identity. Over the course of his independent career starting in 1995, he has collaborated with various DJs and musicians as an MC, most notably with the late Japanese hip hop producer Nujabes [6]. As the inventor of the Vestax Faderboard [5], he toured around for a few years with the free-jazz trio, Kosmic Renaissance. Currently Shing02 lives in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Film Credits

Director: Vincent Ricafort [7]
Artists: Salome MC [4], Shing02 [5]
Project Coordinator: Hannes Liechti (Norient)
Assistant Editor: Kali Kasashima
Appearing Musicians: Beatboxmike aka «Mikee Mic» (Beatbox), Nicholas Kaleikini aka Saxwillard (Saxophone), Gotaro Oshitari (Piano)
Background Music: Nujabes feat. Shing02: «Luv(sic) Part3» / Salome MC: «Concealment» / Salome MC & Koohsar: «Warp and Weft» (Produced by Daniel Doel)
Special Thanks to: Eunji Paula Kim, Banzai Media, Lana Lane Studios [8], Delmore Uto, Mark Spangler, Nia Schmidheiny (Sound Development)
Track Produced and Recorded at Lana Lane Studios [8] and Blue Planet Sound [9]
Recording and Mixing Engineer: Jules Washington
Subtitles English/Persian: Salome MC

www.1n1.ch [1]
www.norient.com [2]
www.sound-development.com [2]