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Five Video Clips from Czech Republic

This list about some current Czech sounds was compiled by Lucia Udvardyová. She runs the blog Easterndaze [1], a platform for up-and-coming independent Eastern European arts and music scenes. And thats exactly what we can explore in this list: electronic shaped tracks accompanied by colorful and digital video art – inspired by tumbler aestetics. For the first and the last video we're going to visit particular places in Prague as the ubiquitous Chinese restaurants and the communist council estate. See five video clips from other countries in our ongoing videclip series here [2].

Artist: Deaths [3]
Track: Karaoke Blues

Deaths are a young and up-and-coming Czech synth-pop act. In their video, created by Igor Bruso [4], they plunge themselves into a thriller-like fantasy set in Prague’s ubiquitous Chinese restaurants. Equally dramatic and romantic, simply, the Karaoke Blues.

Artist: Space Love [5]

Andrea Pekárková is known as one of the most inspiring Czech VJs. Under the moniker Space Love she teamed up with her love, the fledgling producer Voodoo, to create an audiovisual project inspired by trap and global bass music, sci-fi, tumblr aesthetics and pop-cultural sampling.

Artist: Střed Světa [6]
Track: Travinou Obklíčeni

The mysterious Střed Světa emerged last year with his debut on the Baba Vanga [7] label (we admit affiliation). «Travinou Obklíčeni» was visualised by the Polish, Bristol-based musician and video maker Wojciech Rusin, augmenting the abstraction of electronic music, but adding various visual ephemera, largely sourced and deconstructed from commercial stock images.

Artist: Lightning Glove [8]
Track: To All Traitors

The aforementioned Andrea Pekárková is also the resident visualist of the increasingly successful «post-rave» project from Prague called Lightning Glove. They have just released a vinyl on the British Ono Tesla [9] label, and their no-frills attitude and forlorn lyrics are a perfect soundtrack to (not only) Eastern urban dystopia.

Artist: Máma Bubo
Track: Skončíš jako já

The Czech band, established in 1983, was one of the pioneers of the local new wave/post punk scene (if you can call it that). Incorporating electronics as well as elements of ska/reggae, Máma Bubo still sound fresh with their characteristically lo-fi aesthetic utilising primitive «home» studios and spreading their oeuvre on cassettes – at that time more out of necessity than fashion. The video for their track «Skončíš jako já» (You Will End Up Like Me) is wonderfully desolate, shot in the then newly built communist council estate in Prague.