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New Mixtape: Strcprstskrzkrk

For our exhibition Seismographic Sounds – Visions of a New World [1] Lucia Udvardyová from the music blog Easterndaze.net [2] compiled a Mixtape. It is a personal assemblage of fleeting encounters, uncompromising sonics, recordings from house parties and demonstrations. A 20-minute transition through perpetual transition, a looped past-future-past, an ode to the «former» Eastern Europe: from Budapest to Bucharest, Prague to Belgrade, Vienna to Bulgaria, conjuring an imaginary landscape open to contingency and adventure.


Powitanie: «Animacje Hotelowe, Słoneczny Brzeg»
Laura Luna: «Auroras»
Ivan Hrušovský: «Idée Fixe»
William: «Budapest» (11/2014)
Falochron: «Nessebar, Stare Miasto»
Kassett: «444 (Imre Kiss remix)»
Somnoroase Păsărele: «SEPT TREI»
Springboard: «Yanni Rhytms»
Demisia: «Bucharest» (12/204)
Mirat: «Mane4»
Magma Trakt: «Syrup»
Highway 69: «Suleiman The Magnificent»
Valea Cascadelor: «Bucharest» (12/2014)
Wsie: «Wieś z błotem»
Id M Theft Able: «Jowls Without A Face»
Alone In Heaven: «Sacral»
Radu: «Bucharest» (12/2014)

The mixtape was presented at the exhibition Seismographic Sounds [3].