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Soundscapes from the Edges

Musicians, sound artists and composers from Beijing, Mumbai, Beirut to Sao Paulo, from Istanbul, Belgrade, Lagos to Johannesburg create music and soundscapes that reflect the effects of localisation and globalisation processes on various levels. We hear new representations beyond exotic East-West-Formulas, we hear the noise of World Politics, Propaganda and War in challenging settings. This podcasts offers a short glimpse into the multimedia performance «Soundscapes from the Edges» with artists who work towards new definitions of what is local and global music – main focus: The Middle East.

Voice: Eric Facon (Swiss National Radio DRS)

Sounds Played

Iranian Orchestra for New Music «Chahargah» Hermes Records (Iran)
Das Neue Original Appenzeller Streichmusik Projekt «Glocken» Musikszene Schweiz (Switzerland)
Luc Ferrari «A Cypress at sunset. Tuscany» Subrosa (France)
Zimoun «Kabel» Leerraum (Switzerland)
Mani Matter «Ir Ysebahn» Zytglogge (Switzerland)
Kamilya Jubran + Werner Hasler «Nafad Al-Ahwal 2»  Unit Records (Palestine/Switzerland)
Mahmoud Refat «Mass» Leerraum (Egypt)
Asmahan «Unknown» (Egypt)
Elias Rahbani «Barilla Macaroni» (Lebanon)
Mazen Kerbaj «Starry Night» (Lebanon)
Raed Yassin «Feat. Hind Rostom» (Lebanon)
Mazen Kerbaj «TAGADAGADAGDAGA» Al Maslakh (Lebanon)
Shanghai Sound Unit «Leili Fengxing» Post-Concrete (China)
B6 «Pussy in the Taxy» Shanshui Records (China)
Sandeep Bhagwati, Ensemble Modern «Sangit Sambhav» (Germany/India)
Mzekezeke «Imbongo (Pedos)» EMI (South Africa)
Mzekezeke «Izinyoka» EMI (South Africa)