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Ruptured Sessions with C-drík Fermont

C-drík Fermont works between musique concrète, electro-acoustic music and noise. Plus he writes about experimental music in Africa and Asia. His latest trip brought him to Beirut, where he was interviewed for Ruptured Sessions.

C-drík (aka Kirdec) is an academically trained musician, dj, singer, composer and drummer. Of Greek, Zairian and Belgian descent, born in Congo (former Zaire) C-drík grew up in Belgium and also lived in the Netherlands. He is an eternal voyager and performed in numerous countries across North America, Europe, the Middle-East, Africa and Asia. He started his first project in 1989 and juggles in between many projects and electronic genres.

He is also a label manager and gig organizer who produces his own projects and experimental artists who predominantly originate from Asia and Africa on the labels Syrphe [1] and Textolux. See and listen to some of his releases here [2]. Plus he is a great researcher. Check out his amazing alternative Database of African and Asian Music [3]. One of his articles on experimental music in non-Western countries was recently published in the book Le performantiel noise [4], edited by Sébastien Biset.

C-drík is a former student of electro-acoustic composer Annette Vande Gorne [Conservatory of Mons]. C-drík is also a sound designer and composer, mostly into various electronic and experimental genres such as electro-acoustic, breakcore, industrial, electro, digital punk and free jazz. With regards to visual arts, C-drík composes soundtracks for theatre, exhibitions, sound installations, fashion shows and short movies. His movie works include musical scores for Sergei Eisenstein’s Strike [2006] and The Battleship Potemkin [2009]. He composed the soundtrack for Atalodz, an experimental short film directed by Gisèle Pape, and won the prize for the best soundtrack at the «Coté Court» festival in Montreuil, France in 2008.

His latest trip brought him to Beirut, where he was interviewed for Ruptured Sessions [5].

Photographies by Tanya Traboulsi [6]