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Photo Series: New South African Music

A Photo Series by Chris Saunders. From the Norient book Seismographic Sounds (see and order here [1]). Chris Saunders will be part of the 7th Norient Musikfilm Festival [2] where he's going to present his new movie Ghost Diamond. Dates and Places: Bern (January 14th, 2016), Lausanne (January 15th, 2016) and St. Gallen (January 16th, 2016).

I have documented South African music scenes for a few years now. Because we had musical pioneers and because we now have the Internet, these scenes are exploding: more and more artists are starting to get international recognition. My small selection, photographed over a few years, shows some of the diversity in the scene. You can find pictures of anyone from Invizable, who started off as a producer for Gazelle (see interview here [3]), to Spoko, the originator of the Bacardi house sound and now part of the world-touring Fantasma with Spoke Mathambo, to a portrait of Nozinja, the now Warp Records-signed pioneer of Shangaan Electro (see portrait here [4]). Music is reflective of the richness of the soul of South Africa. It is our way of telling our stories.

Tshetsha Boys (SoundCloud [5])

Nozinja (SoundCloud [6])

DJ Spoko (SoundCloud [7])

DJ Invizable (Facebook [8])

Spoek Mathambo (SoundCloud [9])

This photo series is part of the Norient exhibition Seismographic Sounds [10] and was published first in the correspondent Norient book [11]. Click on the image to know more.

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