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Norient searches for new music, sounds and noises from around the planet. We discuss current issues critically, close to musicians and their networks. Through the Norient Online Magazine, the Norient Musikfilm Festival, Performances, books, documentary films and radio programs we hope to orient and disorient readers, listeners and spectators. Find out about strong, fragile and challenging artistic positions in today’s fast moving, globalized, digitized and urbanized world.

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4 responses to “Rückblende aufs Musikfilm Festival: Donnerstag”

  1. […] aus Moskau 20:00 Pussy Riot – A Punk Prayer (Russland) 22:00 Elektro Moskva (Russland) → Hier geht’s zum Rückblick in Bild, Wort und Tweets vom ersten Musikfilm Festival […]

  2. […] The 5th Norient Musicfilm Festival has broken all existing records: 1500 visitors, all blocks sold out, electrifying movies, stimulating discussions and an enchanting atmosphere at Kino Reitschule in Bern. The first Electro Sha'abi club night of Switzerland has proven, that this fast repetitive auto-tune sound also works very well in our latitudes. While DJ Marcelle turned the Frauenraum upside down with her radical cross-genre-sound at the final party on Saturday, another fabulous thing happened behind the scenes: http://www.norient.com has reached its millionth click! All photos of the backflash by Karin Scheidegger. Check out the first part of the festival review here. […]

  3. […] live acts we selected in our first five editions on the posters belows. Plus find the program and impressions of our last […]

  4. […] Thursday 9.1.2014 – Kino Reitschule Bern Block 1: Russia-Night – Pussy Riot and Sound Experiments in Moscow 20:00 Pussy Riot – A Punk Prayer (Russia) 22:00 Elektro Moskva (Russia) → read our review in words, pictures and tweets here […]