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Five Video Clips from Cameroon

The video production industry in Cameroon (Cameroun) is booming like never before. Within the last year, the Cameroonian video directors came up with lovely pieces of art and funny trash videos in HD Quality filled with heart, soul and humor. This a compilation of five videos that were or are some the hits the young teens love to watch nowadays.

Rappers JOVI and Reniss on top of Douala

Artist: Stanley Enow [1]
Track: Hein Père (2013)

Without exaggeration the most successful song of the last year.

Directed by Shamak Allharamadji/ Shamak Concepts [2]

Artist: TIZEU No Name Crew [3]
Track: Luv (2013)

The first pop song in village language Batie ever to be captured in HD Quality.

Directed by: NS Pictures [4]

Track: La Biere C’est Combien Ici (2013)

Yes, it is about alcohol. These guys were really joking around.

Artist: Gasha [5]
Track: This Life (2013)

Beautiful young lady singing a deep message in english and somewhat regional words. Swag!

Artist: Jovi [6] ft. Reniss
Track: B.A.S.T.A.R.D (2014)

You see Akwa, a quartier in Douala Town in this beautiful New School HipHop video.

Directed by Bertrand Ndukong [7]