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Five Video Clips from Bhutan

Bhutan is a small kingdom in south asia squeezed between India and China. But what does this country sounds like? Ed Linton, owner of the small internet record label Avant-Garbe Records [1], gives us a brief insight into some really amazing bhutanese videos and sounds from the past few years.

Artist: Choni
Track: Horgolla

One of my favourite local hip-hop songs, very whacky video and good synth sounds.

Artist: Dechen Zangmo [2]
Track: Hingtshaway

A very westernized song. This one was very popular and a big inspiration for our collaboration with Pakistani rapper Sheikh Areesh.

Artist: Namkha Lhamo
Track: Gayser Jang Lu Jonpi Gang
Dir.: Tshering Dorji

This one has a more traditional sound. Traditional music is an important influence for us too.

Artist: The Columbine Shoots [3]
Track: Columbine Clash

«Columbine Clash», the music video for my own band, is featuring an amazing display of mouth tricks.

Artist: The Columbine Shoots [3]
Track: Today We Take It Like We Used

Our music video for «Today We Take It Like We Used To» is a hip-hop classic of ours. This features famous bassist Daniel Kulasignham. Both clips are filmed Thebong in the Mongar district of Bhutan.