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is an award-winning journalist and writer based in Johannesburg. He writes about life at the intersection of arts, music, and political economy.

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2 responses to “Exotica in South African House Music”

  1. […] These tracks at times use local rhythms, or melodies and harmonies from local highlife music – the former popular music in Ghana. Others are full of international flavours: dancehall, ragga, reggae, and recently US American trap – similar to a lot of rap music worldwide that today is inspired by OG Maco and other trap rappers. Some of these tracks and clips are socially and politically engaged. Some celebrate lifestyle in big villas, swimming pools, expensive cars, and champagne. Others deal with slavery, the colonial past, and with religion – especially with the fast growing number of Pentecostal churches in the region. Others again are full of exoticism: videos play in traditional villages, and they picture lions, zebras or giraffes – similar to house music videos in South Africa (see article by Percy Mabandu on Norient). […]

  2. […] the two event spaces will also home panel discussions featuring Percy Mabandu (see his article «Exotica in South African House Music»), Thomas Burkhalter, Umlilo (read «Queer and Of Here») and Dylan […]