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Gregory Scruggs holds a B.A. in Literature from Harvard University, where his thesis on cultural aspects — including audio culture, namely funk carioca — of Rio’s favelas won the Kenneth Maxwell Thesis Prize in Brazilian Studies. He also has a certificate in urban planning and design from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and was a 2011 Fulbright Brazil study/research grant recipient, focusing on urban planning and development. He A&Red “Pancadão do Morro: O Funk do Flamin Hotz, Já É?” (Flamin Hotz Records, 2008) and authored the blog Beat Diaspora from 2006-2009.

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3 responses to “All Artists Are Anonymous”

  1. […] («Favela on Blast», «Favela Strikes Back») fehlt aber oft eine Auflistung der Künstler. «Alle Künstler sind anonym» heisst es auch auf der CD «Proibidão C.V.: Forbidden Gang Funk from Rio de Janeiro» des Labels […]

  2. I understand the idea of needing to know who and what the performers are although I heard one of the sublime frequencies guys say that the first question they asked the producer of the disc was who were the musicians and he stated that they wanted to remain anonymous, for obvious reasons of what they were singing and that they were perhaps criminals themselves

  3. […] Scruggs, Gregory, «All Artists are Anonymous», Bern: Norient 2008, Link], […]

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