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Ahmad Zatari is an independent journalist working and living in Amman, Jordan. Starting his career as a poet and translator, he published his first poetry collection Light Makeup for the Horses in 2005. In 2009, Zatari compiled Questions of Poetry, selected discussions and interviews about poetry that he translated. During that time, Zatari started working as freelance writer and correspondent for local and regional newspapers, covering cultural issues and stories. In 2010, he was the head organizer of ‘Music Freedom Day’ in Amman, and in 2011 he went on to co-found the ‘People’s Choir’ during ‘Music Freedom Day’, which also went on to participate in Al Balad Music Festival. Currently, he is starting a freelance career with ‘Freemuse’ as a coordinator and consultant for the Middle East and North Africa regions to advocate for, promote, and investigate artistic freedom of expression in these areas.

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