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Zhang, Xing Rong, born 1941, is a professor of ethnomusicology at Yunnan Arts Institute in Kunming, China. He is the author of nine books including Traditional Music of the Minority Nationalities of Yunnan, Polyphonic Music of Yunnan’s Minority, and Music Cultures of the Three Parallel Rivers Region of Yunnan, etc. He has written numerous papers on the subject of ethnomusicology. Among them, A New discovery of Traditional Eight-Part Polyphonic Singing of the Aani of Yunnan which is included in the prestigious The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. Prof. Zhang is also the producer of video DVD: From China’s Southwest Border — Minority Dances, Songs and Instrumental Music of Yunnan and twenty-two music CDs including South of the Clouds: Instrumental Music of Yunnan. An expert on ethnic music in Yunnan Province, Professor Zhang has lectured worldwide including the US, UK, France, The Netherlands, and New Zealand, etc.

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