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My name is Asadullah Qureshi. I am a Karachi based musician and am currently involved with the following bands: Lower Sindh! Swing Orchestra. We are a total of 4 guys from Karachi who are heavily into psychedelic rock a la Pink Floyd and Ash Ra Tempel and stuff like Talking Heads and David Bowie. We have been around for a while now and we have played a couple of shows around Karachi too. We are about to drop our first EP so watch out for that.

Kafir-e-Azam is basically me and a friend from Lahore. Kafir-e-Azam is more of a studio (or bedroom) affair because we live about 1300 km away from each other. We love stuff like Blood and Assuck. We have one release under our belt: a split with fellow audio terrorist, Bvlghvm, from Rawalpindi.

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