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Not Inspired by Butterflies

Rapper La Gale is half Swiss and half Lebanese. In our Norient Podcast she talks about her political message and her first CD.

La Gale (Foto Thomas Burkhalter)

Rapper Karine Guignard aka La Gale [1] is half Swiss and half Lebanese. She arose from the Lausanne punk- and DIY-scene. Rapping straight forwards without ornaments, a continuous storm of phrases. She raps about social grievance in Switzerland and about the injustice of global politics in the Middle East. «We are a rich country and never had colonies; yet we have a lot of blood on our hands», says Guignard in the interview with Norient. La Gale is rebelling – via microphone at mid-pitch, with clearly articulated content.

She found the perfect producer for her first CD: Christian Pahud of Lausanne electro-rock combo «Larytta [2]». His bass-lines vibrate deeply, combined with dark beats, full of noise and distortion. Sounds, as if a hammer would hit wire mesh, lashing cuts, blended with samples from old movies, and some infrequent scratches. In contrast, the playful side of Larytta: Electro-pop melodies and rare oriental twists, sometimes quite catchy. This fits perfectly with La Gale: «The music shall be dark yet moving», she says: «Indeed; sunshine, flowers and butterflies are not that inspiring for me, still they give me energy in order to protest against the dark side of life.»


Click here [3] for the podcast.