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Dark – Different – Durban

Gqom from Durban is being added to our Norient playlists for quite a while now. On our recent South African tour we finally met some of the producers of this deep and dark electronic music in different townships around Durban. We interviewed them, and edited, mixed and manipulated their voices and music. Third take of our gqom edits: Dominowe [1]. We met him at his house in Newlands East, Durban. Co-produced by Thomas Burkhalter [2], Bit-Tuner [3] and Dejot [4]. See older gqom edits: Citizen Boy [5] and Menchess [6].

Dominowe – Gqom Edit 004 by Burkhalter, Bit-Tuner, Dejot

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Dominowe – Video by Dejot

Linah Blose - Interview


In front of Dominowe’s house in Newlands East, Durban (Photo © by Thomas Burkhalter)

Daniel Jakob, Dominowe, Linah Blose, Marcel Gschwend (Photo © by Thomas Burkhalter)

Recent Album by Dominowe

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