Wiring the Old and New: Sote


The experimental musician and composer Ata Ebtekar aka Sote makes the old sound new – and the new sound old. On Friday, 18. October 2019, he will present «Parallel Persia» at the legendary music festival Donaueschingen.

Sote (middle) with Arash Bolouri & Pouya Damadi (Photo © by the Artist, 2019)

Ebtekar has been making music for about three decades and released music on some of the most forward thinking labels for experimental electronic music such as Warp, Opal Tapes, Morhpine or Sub Rosa. For the live presentation of his youngest album «Parallel Persia», released on Diagonal Records, features the musicians Arash Bolouri (Santour) and Pouya Damadi (Tar) and is a consistent development of his vision. With the ambitious wiring of traditional iranian music and contemporary electro-acoustic techniques, he crafts a sound that reaches beyond any territorial or stylistic borders. A sound might create something like a “meta-persian” experience.

His concert will take place on 23:00 Uhr at s‘Glashaus Donaueschingen.
Tickets and info: www.swr.de/swrclassic/donaueschinger-musiktage/

Norient is media partner of Donaueschinger Musiktage 2018.


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