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Irina Cvijanović is a PhD candidate at the IPP «Performance and Media Studies» at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz (Germany). Specializing on ethnomusicology, she completed master studies at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, with a thesis based on characteristics of ballad songs in South-Eastern Serbia. From 2004 to 2012 she was working as the Editor of musical shows at the Third program of Radio Belgrade. As one of the founders and current President of Interdisciplinary Society of Ethnomusicologists in Serbia, she organized several events dedicated to music and culture of minority communities that live in Serbia. Currently she is working on her PhD project related to the question(s) of authenticity in Serbian electronic dance music at the turn of the centuries.

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3 responses to “Travelling Concepts in Balkan Electronic Dance Music”

  1. An extremelly interesting text about the cultural tradition of a region we hardly know. Reading it made me think about how diverse Europe is and how many secret cultural riches are there to be found, how tradition and modernity can make a masterpiece. I have the feeling that the Balkans is a region that should make us westerners blush because of the prejudices with which we have been indoctrinated over decades. We are neglecting the geniality that can be found over there, and which between the lines this text highlights.

  2. An text that indicates that our knowledge of our south-eastern neighbors is extremelly scarse. The riches of the Balkan peninsula are still unknown to us. We westerners believe that everything has to be modelled after our culture, but it stunns us when we see that the Balkan people develop their own that is so unique and complex, that we can question ourselves who is learning from whom. It is about time to deliberate on our stance towards south-eastern Europe and realize that their culture should not only be an integral part of the European culture, but has to take a highly prominent position. The sounds of the Balkans have a recognizable identity for itself, and should have for us Europeans in general.

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