Sandra Verena Passaro

Owner of Stars & Heroes int., founder of Hyper Culture - Music Projects, Berlin in 2004. Hyper Culture consults, creates and execute interdisciplinary culture projects in the fields of music, media, art, and knowledge transfer. Executive Director at Norient.


Certified instructor (CC) for audiovisual media businesses. Member of the executive board of the International Association for the studies of Popular Music German-speaking Branch (IASPM D-A-CH).

University lecturer and researcher in Popular Music and Media Culture. Current Lectureships @NYU (New York University/ Tisch School of The Arts, Clive Davies Institute of Recorded Music), @BIMM (British & Irish Institute for Modern Music), @HMT Cologne (University of music and dance Cologne), @University of Paderborn (Department for Music/Popular Music and Media). Past Lectureships including Humboldt University of Berlin (Department for Musicology), University of Applied Popular Music Mannheim, Free University Berlin (Department for Communication Studies).


2017„The Berlin Sound of Techno? “ mit Daniel Meteo im Sammelband der GPMS, Ausgabe: „Perspectives on german Popular Music Studies“, Prof. Michael Ahlers, Prof. Christoph Jacke (Hrsg.), Ashgate/ Routledge

2016 „The Berlin Sound of Techno: Begehungen von Klängen und Szenen“ Sandra Passaro, Daniel Meteo, Prof. Christoph Jacke im Sammelband Atmosphären des Populären II, Prof. Ulrich Wünsch (Hrsg.), Gizeh-Letters. Buchreihe der SRH Hochschule der populärem Künste.

2013 / Beitrag: «The Re-valuation of all Values?» im Buch «Poor but Sexy» Dr. Geoff Stahl (Hg:) in Koop. Prof. Dr. C. Jacke

2011 / Beitrag: «Wanabni» im Buch «Black Box Pop, Analysen Populärer Musik» Dietrich Helms, Thomas Phleps (Hg:) in Koop. Prof. Dr. C. Jacke & Dr. T. Burkhalter

2010 / Beitrag: «Pop eat itself. Will Pop eat itself? Advantages and challenges of new media technologies» im Buch: «’They Say I’m Different …’ Popularmusik, Szenen und ihre AkteurInnen.» Wolfgang Fichna/ Rosa Reitsamer (Hg:), University of Vienna, in Koop. Prof. Dr. C.Jacke

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