Anthony Fung

Anthony Y.H. Fung is Director and Professor in the School of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His research interests and teaching focus on popular culture and cultural studies, gender and youth identity, cultural industries and policy, and new media studies.

Fung is currently working on a project on Asian creative and game industries and cultural policy with a focus on China and Hong Kong. He has authored and edited more than 10 Chinese and English books. His recent books are New Television Globalization and East Asian Cultural Imaginations (Hong Kong University Press, 2007) (with Keane and Moran), Global Capital, Local Culture: Transnational Media Corporations in China (Peter Lang, 2008), Riding a Melodic Tide: The Development of Cantopop in Hong Kong (Subculture Press, 2009) (in Chinese), Policies for the Sustainable Development of the Hong Kong Film Industry (Chinese University Press, 2009) (with Chan and Ng), Imagining Chinese Communication Studies (Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, 2012) (in Chinese) (with Huang), Melodic Memories: The Historical Development of Music Industry in Hong Kong (2012) (Subculture Press, in Chinese), and Asian Popular Culture: the Global (Dis)continuity (Routledge, 2013).


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