On Stage

Norient is transferring its insights from its various activities even artistically. In the past years we focussed on the series «Sonic Traces» with the editions «From the Arab World» and «From Switzerland». In this audio visual live performances scholars, sound artists and video makers are mixing music, noise, interview samples, read background articles and pictures into tight collages of sounds and pictures. Sometimes Norient is also performing as «Norient Soundsystem» at DJ-events in Switzerland and abroad. At the moment Norient-founder Thomas Burkhalter is traveling around with his sound lecture «Out of the Absurdity of Life: Global Sounds».

Most important in the artistic work of Norient is the idea of network. Many project are being produced with musicians from Switzerland and abroad, e.g. Aero Manyelo, Bit-Tuner, Bloch, Dave Phillips, Grauton, Gustavo Delux, Han Sue Lee Tischhauser, Joy Frempong, Kara Sylla Ka, Kate Wax, Lleluja-Ha, Mazen Kerbaj, Mosibuebä, Müslüm, Motherland Soundsystem, Omar Souleyman, Praed, Reverend Beat-Man, Sharif Sehnaoui.

Performance«Sonic Traces: From the Arab World» (since 2008)

Decorated 2008 with the Sitemapping award of the Swiss ministry for culture and 2012 with the jury award in the category «Non Fiction» of the sonOhr Hörfestival Berne. The performance has been published 2013 digital and on vinyl. Performances in Düsseldorf, Freiburg im Breisgau, London (City University), Berne (Grosse Halle Reitschule, Zentrum Paul Klee), Kriens (Südpol), Festival Les Urbaines Lausanne, Solothurn (Künstlerhaus), Zurich (Shedhalle, Rietberg Museum). Further information on «Sonic Traces: From the Arab World».

Performance«Sonic Traces: From Switzerland» (since 2010)

The production was decorated in 2010 with a contribution from the competition «Werkbeiträge Digitale Kultur» from Migros Kulturprozent. Performances in Buchmesse Frankfurt am Main, My Sound of Music Festival Salzburg, Milano, Internationales Festival Alpentöne Altdorf, Haus für Elektronische Künste Basel, Berne (Schlachthaus, Kino der Reitschule Bern, ESEM Konferenz), Cully Jazz Festival, St. Gallen (Palace), Zurich (Walcheturm). Further information on «Sonic Traces: From Switzerland».

Sound-Lecture – «Out of the Absurdity of Life – Global Sounds»
(Thomas Burkhalter 2013)

Thomas Burkhalter, ethnomusicologist, music journalist, cultural producer, founder and editor-in-chief of Norient.com, discusses what he calls «World Music 2.0»: Musicians from Beijing to Tijuana, from Istanbul to Johannesburg, mix and manipulate local and global sounds and ideas within their music. They network with artists and multipliers (e.g., curators, producers, journalist, and scholars) worldwide and experiment with new ways of producing, distributing, and selling music. Style-wise, the sample is broad: commercially successful styles of pop music like reggaeton and kwaito, and electronic music styles like kuduro, tecno brega, baile funk, mahragan (electro sha’abi), shangaan electro, or cumbia electronica form the popular end of the spectrum. The experimental end offers African, Asian, and Latin American musique concrète, free improvisation, noise music, and sound art. Further information on «Out of the Absurdity of Life».

Performances in Aga Khan University Karachi (Pakistan), Noises Festival Koblenz, Berlin Music Week, Cully Jazz Off Festival, My Sound of Music Festival Salzburg, 100Copies Space Kairo, Universität München, Palace St. Gallen.

DJ Sets Norient Soundsystem (seit 2011)

Performances in Berne (Innenhof PROGR, Sommerakademie, Zentrum Paul Klee), Berlin (Haus der Kulturen), Cully Jazz Off Festival, Düdingen (Bad Bonn), Linzfest, St. Gallen (Palace), My Sound of Music Festival Salzburg, Weltkongress Soziologie Genf, Noises Festival Koblenz