In the Norient Online Magazine, active individuals from media and cultural fields, as well as scientists, report of musical and cultural trends and developments from all around the world. Their reportages, podcasts, background features and blog articles convey music, musicians (plus the phenomena «music» in general) to a broad audience in Switzerland and abroad. Norient stands for qualitatively high-level music journalism and offers authors from the entire world a well-attended platform for their reportages background analyses and commentaries. In the Norient Academic Journal (ISSN 2296-049X), scientific articles by junior scientists are published and chosen in peer-to-peer method.

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Norient editorial staff is based in Berne and Berlin. The actual members are Theresa Beyer, Thomas Burkhalter, Hannes Liechti, and Philipp Rhensius. The Norient Academic Journal is edited by Dr. David-Emil Wickström, Dr. Oliver Seibt, Dr. Julio Mendivil and Dr. Thomas Burkhalter.

Due to authors scattered all across the world in various local music scenes, the Norient magazine is not eurocentric; it offers space for a great number of perspectives and positions. In future, the best articles from the Norient Online Magazine shall be annually published in a compendium. 2012 the first Norient book Out of the Absurdity of Life – Globale Musik (English/German) was published at Traversion and 2015 the second Norient book Seismographic Sounds – Visions of a New World at Norient Books Bern.

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Norient does not offer ordinary jobs. Everybody works as volunteer. But sometimes Norient projects are funded or Norient is getting offered freelance work. So sometimes Norient can pay a fee for certain jobs. Unfortunately published texts normally cannot be paid. We recommend everybody to publish elsewhere as well. We don’t expect exclusive stories. If you would like to collaborate and work for Norient, get in touch with us:

We are always looking for: Bloggers, journalists, music scientists

You like to write about music, globalized and digitalized culture. You know how to write, your content is exciting and moving. Maybe you already have a blog, but you would like to share your ideas with a bigger audience. Maybe you already publish texts in online or printed magazines, but you would like to have more readers. Or you have made some interesting scientific research, now you would like to tell the world about it. Then you are at the right place at the right time if you join Norient. You cannot make big money with Norient, but there are always chances that you could get involved in a future project, in which you are getting paid.

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